Pogo Weekend Roundup

Pogo Weekend Roundup

Welcome to the weekend roundup! This is where we look back at everything that has happened on Pogo this past week.

It’s also great time to introduce yourself! Feel free to talk about anything Pogo related. We’d love to hear from you.

See you in the comments section!

This week in Pogo :

10/14 – Free Gift: Jet Set Solitaire Mix-n-Match Badge
10/16 – Pogo Slots: Bonus Daily Challenges : Day #7
10/16 – Monday Mix-n-Match Badges
10/17 – StoryQuest: New Episode
10/17 – Jet Set Solitaire: New Levels
10/17 – Candy Cauldron Badge Marathon
10/18 – 25% Off in Select Games
10/18 – Wednesday Weekly Challenges
10/18 – Rattan Baskets Badge Collection
10/19 – Sweet Tooth Town: Creepy Candy Corn Event
10/20 – Pies and Desserts Badge Collection : Week Three

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Lisa says

If my calculations are correct, I’ll finish gold this time around!

SoreEyes2 says

The STT event is a pain .. I refuse to use power-ups on something that doesn’t reward Pogis

Tom says

Has anyone received their badge yet for completing the Pogo Slots bonus daily challenges?

Dave says

Yes, I got mine on October 16th. If you haven’t received yours, you can contact support here :


Claire says

What’s the easiest level to complete the free Jet Set Solitaire badge challenge? The remove 2000 cards one.

Dave says

I got my badge by doing : First Trip > San Francisco > Crab

Robin H. says

How many Pogis can we expect from the upcoming treasure chase?

Angel R. says

Just finished the badge marathon and the JSS challenge was a breeze, thanks to Sophie’s tip!

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