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Challenge Quests

Pogo Challenge Quest

In these Challenge Quests events on Pogo, you need to complete an epic Master Challenge along with one challenge from each week of the event. You can choose between a free expert-level challenge, or purchase an optional Mix-n-Match challenge instead. You can also complete both to collect a full set of event badges.

The Master Challenge for each Challenge Quest can be pretty tricky and will often take a long time to complete. Just remember to pace yourself, you do not need to complete it all at once. As long as you have completed the Master Challenge by the end of the Challenge Quests event, you’ll still get your reward.

Sometimes you may not be interested in the free challenge in a game, so if prefer to purchase the Mix-n-Match challenges available instead, you can do that as well.

As with all Pogo events, you must complete each Dual Challenge during a limited timeframe. The event page for each Challenge Quests event will show how much time you have remaining to complete your challenges. If you do not complete your challenges within this time frame, you won’t be able to collect your reward.

Tips & Tricks

If you pick free challenges, you can also work on a weekly challenge or personal challenge in the same game(s) at the same time -or- complete a Mix-n-Match challenge at the same time as the free challenges. That way, you can maximize your efforts by completing more badges and earning more Pogis.

If you want to earn some extra Pogis, you can purchase and complete each week’s Mix-n-Match badges alongside the free challenges in order to earn as many Pogis as possible.

If you are working on a free challenge one week for a Challenge Quest and realize you may be in over your head, you can switch gears and purchase the alternate Mix-n-Match challenge instead. There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind, just as long as you complete all the requirements.

If you’re looking for any help in a specific game, or have questions about the event itself, you can always ask your fellow players in chat for some friendly advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

If an Event ends and I haven’t completed all of the required Challenges, can I still get a reward?
Unfortunately, once an event ends, and you have not completed all of the required challenges within an event, you will not receive the reward.

If you have purchased a challenge as part of an event, it may still remain active after the event, and you will still be able to receive any Pogis associated with the badge if you choose to complete it.

Can I re-activate any Challenges from an Event after it ends?
Most challenges in an event are only available during that event (especially free challenges which you activate only through an event page). However, if you purchase a Mix-n-Match badge to help complete an event, it remains in your collection permanently.

I’ve just started an Event, but it’s already been running for a little while. Can I catch up?
When an event is running, you can activate any prior or present challenges at any time.

How can I find out how much progress I’m making on a Challenge in an Event?
There are a few ways to check up on your challenge progress as you’re working in an Event.

You can check within the game itself by clicking on “My Active Challenges” (the badge icon on the right side). It will show you any active challenges in that game, and your progress. Each time you play a game and complete rounds or levels, you’ll also see any challenge progress.

In most Events, you’ll be able to see some of your progress on the event page itself. You can always go back to that page to make sure that you are on track to complete the event.

Lastly, you may also see your challenges by visiting Challenge Central and filtering based upon “Challenge Status”.

Do I have to buy Challenges to complete Events?
No, you do not need to buy any challenges. Some events do allow you to purchase Mix-n-Match challenges to either complete in addition to any of the free challenges or complete instead of some of the free challenges. You will still receive rewards as long as you complete the required free challenges.

If you choose to purchase any Mix-n-Match challenges as part of the event itself and complete them, some events may allow you to earn additional rewards. Be sure that any Mix-n-Match challenges you purchase are part of the event itself. It must be listed on the event page in order to help you make progress towards event completion.