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Pogo Tips and Tricks

Here you will find tips and tricks for various Pogo games.

If you have a tip for a game and you don’t see it here, let us know!

Game List

A Way with Words

Tips & Tricks for challenges requiring you to:

Complete # games:
Play the first Challenge Mode – Puzzle #1. You only have to earn 6 points, which at most only takes 2 words.

Find or Make # 3-letter words:
Try playing challenge levels 26, 27, 28 and 29 over and over. You should be able to finish it pretty quickly.

Find or Make # 4-letter words:
Try playing level 12 because it’s still an easy level and it ends quickly.

Find or Make # 5-letter words:
Keep an eye out for -s, -ed, -er, and -ing words that you can use to stretch to 5 letters.

Make # words with all red/yellow/etc letters:
Play on Game Mode as there are 80 letters to play. Place the colors you don’t need around the edges, or in the corners and then focus on making words with the color your challenge requires.


Challenges requiring you spell # of 6 letter words :

Challenge Mode > Boarding Challenge > Level 39 contains seven 6 letter words.

Bejeweled Stars

For challenges requiring the dispatching of butterflies :

Level 18 = 20 butterflies per game.
Level 19  = 14 butterflies per game.
Level 24  = 30 butterflies per game.
Level 27 = 35 butterflies per game.
Level 61 = 55 butterflies per game.
Level 129 = 50 butterflies per game.

Tips & Tricks for challenges requiring you to:

Win # of games or complete # of levels:
Levels 1, 4 and 10 are fast and easy to win.

Complete # of games with two stars or better:
On level 2, you can get 3 stars in 4 or 5 moves.

Remove # of cookies:
You will receive credit for removing cookies no matter if you win or lose. Choose your favorite level to complete this challenge.

Score # of points:
You earn more points by finishing a level with more stars. Pick a low level for this challenge, as you can earn 10,000 and 15,000 points every 5 minutes.

Serve # of customers:
Levels 3 and 4 each have 3 customers, levels 7 and 8 have 4 customers and level 9 has 5 customers and is still not very difficult.

Create # of arrow cookies:
Level 2 and 5 are the best for this challenge. To make an arrow cookie, you need to connect 7 or more cookies, and the line between the last 2 cookies has to be straight (horizontal or vertical).

Create # of star cookies:
Level 5 is the go-to level for this challenge.
To make a star cookie you need to connect 7 or more cookies, and the line between the last 2 cookies has to be diagonal.

Remove # of blue cookies or serve # of chocolate chip cookies:
Level 9 is the best level for both challenges. You can remove up to 40 blue cookies or serve up to 20 chocolate chip cookies per game.

First Class Solitaire HD

For challenges that require you to win # of games in a row:

After you win your first game, if you are not going to win the next game, leave the game room before you end the game. When you return to the game, it won’t be counted as a loss.

Jet Set Solitaire

For challenges requiring you to:

Get 3 stars: San Francisco : Golden Gate Bridge
Remove # cards: San Francisco : Crab
Score # points: San Francisco : Crab

Mahjong Garden HD

Use undo and hint buttons – they are free! There are no power-ups to purchase, you can use those buttons an unlimited number of times.

Animal Puzzle Set layouts are easier to play. You can complete the harder layouts on EASY difficulty and then switch to HARD when you begin a layout that is easier to complete on hard. You can switch difficulty levels by using the arrows at the bottom middle of the game screen.

Difficulty Guide :

Play Rat on Easy
Play Ox on Easy
Play Tiger on Hard
Play Rabbit on Hard
Play Dragon on Hard
Play Snake on Hard
Play Horse on Easy
Play Goat on Hard
Play Monkey on Easy
Play Rooster on Easy
Play Dog on Easy
Play Pig on Easy

Mahjong Sanctuary

Tips & Tricks for challenges requiring you to:

Win # of games:
Play level 1 as it’s simple and should be easy to win.

Score # of points:
Try to make perfect matches of season and flower tiles. Levels 3, 4 and 5 are the best for this challenge.

Match # of tiles:
Play any level you enjoy. It does not require you to win the game.

Make # combos:
Levels 1 through 5 will allow you to make combos easier since they feature easy “beginner” layouts.

Match # of season tiles:
Level 3 has the seasons right on top every time. You can match any season tile with any other season tile.

Match # of flower tiles:
Flower tiles do not appear until level 4. You can match any flower tile with any other flower tile.

Peggle Blast

Tips & Tricks for challenges requiring you to:

Clear # of pegs:
Play level 8 because it usually only takes one shot to clear the board, making it a quick way to clear pegs.

To complete challenge objectives:

Orange Pegs: Level 8 – 25 orange pegs
Bombs: Level 64 – 6 bombs
Gems: Level 84 – 20 gems
Pinatas: Level 91 – 8 pinatas
Warp Holes: Level 136 – 4 portals
Eggs: Level 171 – 24 eggs
Gnomes: Level 182 – 12 gnomes
Pop Frogs: Level 194 – 14 frogs
Purple pegs: Level 8 as it’s a quick level to complete for faster progress.

To complete multiple objectives:

Bombs and Gnomes: Level 64 – 5 each
Gems and Pinatas: Level 28 – 5 gems and 2 pinatas
Eggs and Pinatas: Level 81 – 7 each
Spiders and Gems: Level 113 – 2 spiders, 8 gems
Gems and Gnomes: Level 122 – 7 gems, 5 gnomes
Spiders and Warp Holes: Level 129 – 2 spiders, 2 portals
Spiders and Pinatas: Level 130 – 1 spider, 5 pinatas
Frogs and Gnomes: Level 140 – 9 frogs, 3 gnomes
Gnomes and Frogs: Level 151 – 5 gnomes, 3 frogs

Poppit! HD

Tips & Tricks for challenges requiring you to:

Win # of games:
Play on easy difficulty level. Hit the “New Game” button if the one you are on does not have two star power-ups hidden inside the balloons.

Win # of games on hard difficulty:
Keep selecting “New Game” if your puzzle does not have two star power-ups in it. Start on one side of the puzzle and work to the other. The work on removing balloons of one color at a time. Try not to not leave a balloon of a single color without another balloon or set of balloons nearby. Also, don’t forget to use the undo button often.

Pop # of balloons:
Play on the easy difficulty level.

Release # of prizes:
It’s best to play on easy difficulty level, as the prize are closer to the bottom.

Score # of points:
You can score more points by making Super Pops (pop a group of six balloons or more). Also, you’ll earn more bonus points by popping balloons after all of the prizes are released.
In order to receive credit for any of the above, you must finish the game by running out of balloons to pop.

Sweet Tooth Town

Tips & Tricks for challenges requiring you to:

Win # of games:
Play the Bakery – Level 1. You can win in 2 moves with 3 stars. Match the 3 red candies on the bottom, and then match the 5 red candies near the top.

Score # of points:
Play the early levels in the Bakery or the Chocolate Factory. You can get 50,000 to 100,000 points in just a couple of moves.

Clear # of candies:
Play the first levels of the Chocolate Factory. They are almost impossible to lose, and you’ll get around 400 candies and over 50,000 points each time.

Collect # of stars:
See the “Win # of games” description above.

Play the game # of seconds:
As long as the game is running, it counts. You can get over 500 seconds in one game if you do a match, then do other things and then do another match.

Remove # of red/orange/yellow/green/purple candies:
Red: Bakery Level 3, Candy Store Level 2
Orange: Chocolate Factory Level 3 or 12-14
Yellow: Chocolate Factory Level 2
Green: Bakery Level 13 or 28, Candy Shop Level 1
Purple: Bakery Level 2 or 27, Chocolate Factory Level 9 or 22, Ice Cream Factory Level 1


Tips & Tricks for challenges requiring you to:

Complete # of levels:
Go into game, click the red X in corner of game to end game, click YES and follow prompts to start new game. Rinse and repeat.

Score # points:
Making Mega-Matches near the center of the board is the best way to score a lot of points in Trizzle. This will create more large dolls in the surrounding squares, so you will end up with more Mega-Matches per game and thus more points.

Score 10,000 points or more in a game # times:
If you focus on making mega matches, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get 10,000 points in a single game.

Create/Make # mega matches:
Make your Mega Matches as close to the center of the board. When the Mega Match’s large dolls are cleared from the board, more surrounding dolls will increase in size.

Make # moves:
You will get credit for a move each time you move a row or column of dolls. You can mindlessly move dolls without matching.

Make/Match 3 or more chain reactions:
If you re only getting credit for one chain reaction per game, choose New Game after you make a chain reaction and you will still get credit