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Pogo Weekend Roundup

Pogo Weekend Roundup

Welcome to our third weekend roundup! This is where we look back at everything that has happened on Pogo this past week.

It’s also great time to introduce yourself! Feel free to talk about anything Pogo related. We’d love to hear from you.

This week, we’d like to ask you:

How many Pogo badges do you have?

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This week in Pogo :

09/11 – Pogo Slots: Bonus Daily Challenges : Day #7
09/11 – Barns Bonanza Badge Collection/
09/12 – Pam’s Bake Off Challenge Quest : Week #2
09/12 – StoryQuest: New Episodes
09/12 – Quinn’s Aquarium: New Levels
09/12 – Mahjong Sanctuary: New Levels
09/12 – Garden Blast: Surprise Event
09/12 – Pogo Daily Sudoku: New Badges
09/12 – Monopoly Sudoku: New Badges
09/13 – 25% Off in Select Games
09/13 – Saying Goodbye to Five Hidden Object Games : Update
09/13 – Wednesday Weekly Challenges
09/14 – Sweet Tooth Town: Sweet Delicacies Event
09/14 – Free Gift: Peggle Blast HD Mix-n-Match Badge
09/15 – Cats in Hats Badge Collection – Week Two

See you in the comments section!

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Cathy says

i have 7,802 badges

Lisa says

I have 12,308 badges!

Also, I see Pogo_Sconnie has updated us on the Monopoly Sudoku issues this morning :

We wanted to let everyone know we’re aware of two issues within Monopoly Sudoku, negative number for trophies and players not being awarded trophies. The team is investigating this problem and once we have more information we will share it with you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Hazel says

Thanks for posting this!

SoreEyes2 says

Thank you. I’m glad they finally acknowledged the issue.

Emily says

I’m a casual player, so I only have 4,031 badges.

Kim C says

14,597 badges here – but I’ve been playing since Club Pogo launched in 2003

Hazel says

I have 9,081 badges. I only play when friends are online though.

CrazyMe says

10,644 badges here and I’ve been a member since the Subway promotion

Mike says

My wife has 11,291 badges, and I’m catching up with 10,003 badges.

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