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Mahjong Sanctuary: Bountiful Fowl Event

Pogo Mahjong Sanctuary

The new Bountiful Fowl event for Mahjong Sanctuary has started on Pogo!

To start the event, click on the party hat icon located on the lower left hand corner of the game map. If you complete the event, you’ll win extra feathers and a new badge.

Bountiful Fowl Badge - Mahjong Sanctuary
Mahjong Sanctuary
Bountiful Fowl Badge
Complete Bountiful Fowl Event in Mahjong Sanctuary to win this badge.

If you need any help with this game, please visit our Mahjong Sanctuary game page.

The Bountiful Fowl event ends on November 9th.


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Lisa says

Thank you, I love Mahjong Sanctuary and I sure could use the extra feathers!

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