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Trizzle: Bonus Daily Challenges

Pogo Trizzle

Pogo is offering Bonus Daily Challenges in Trizzle for Club members!

If you complete the bonus challenge every day, you’ll earn a Special Edition badge and 700 Pogis.

Do you need any help with this game? Please visit our Trizzle game page.

This event ends on November 7th.

Daily Challenges

November 1st: Make 200 moves
November 2nd: Complete 10 levels
November 3rd: Match 260 green dolls
November 4th: Score 30,000 points
November 5th: Make 300 moves
November 6th: Complete 8 levels
November 7th: Make 40 mega matches

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Lisa says

Trizzle is freezing for me after making one move, is any one else having this issue as well?

Dave says

Unfortunately, this has been an issue for months now.

The only thing you can do is make your move(s) and when it freezes, click the big red X on the game screen and follow the prompts to quit the game.

You will receive credit for any move(s) you were able to make.

Lisa says

Thank you, your solution is working for me! It will take a while to finish it this way, but at least I’ll be able to complete it.

Dave says

You’re welcome! I’ll let you know if I find any other solutions.

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