Maren the Melodioius Constellation

Pogo Pogis Constellation

The Maren the Melodioius Constellation on Pogo starts on November 7th!

To reach the different reward tiers in the constellation, you need to earn Pogis.

Earning Pogi rewards is as simple as completing new Daily Challenges, Weekly Challenges, Premium, and Event challenges in your favorite Pogo games. The more Pogis you earn, the more rewards you unlock.

If you need any help with this constellation, please visit our Pogo Constellations game page.

The Maren the Melodioius Constellation will light up the skies on Pogo through January 1st, 2023.

Are you ready for this constellation? Let us know in the comments below!

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Lisa says

I’m good to go! I’ve saved a bunch of stuff to give me a decent jump start on the new constellation.

Dave says

I’m off to a decent start myself. Also, this constellation ends in 55 days (instead of 60), so we have a little less time to reach our goals.

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