Free Gift: Club Pogo’s 20th Anniversary Badge #3

Club Pogo's 20th Anniversary Membership Appreciation Badge #2

Pogo has awarded all Club Pogo members a free Poppit! Bingo membership appreciation badge as part of Club Pogo’s 20th Anniversary celebration!

To get yours, head over to the Pogo Message Center page and open your gift from Pogo_Spike.

Pharaoh Spike's Rise Appreciation Badge - Poppit! Bingo
Poppit! Bingo
Pharaoh Spike’s Rise Appreciation Badge
Create 200 Bingos in 3 weeks!
Pogo Pogis300 Pogis

If you need any help with this game, please visit our Poppit! Bingo game page.

Did you get your free membership appreciation badge? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cathy says

thank you i got mine

Lisa says

Thanks, I got mine!

Dizzy says

I got mine, thank you.

Hazel says

Why do you give the worst games as challenges? And, why should we even waste time winning a badge, when you take them away! How safe can out credit cards be on this site???
Sick the way this once fun site has become nothing but a frustration! I have played POGO since August 2000. I am very disappointed and very sad.

Dave says

I understand your frustration, but I also appreciate what Pogo has been doing lately to try and fix things. I’m not sure what caused this latest badge issue, but I see that the members are getting them back now. PayPal is an option if you’re concerned about your credit card.

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