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Pogo Weekend Roundup

Pogo Weekend Roundup

Welcome to the weekend roundup! This is where we look back at everything that has happened on Pogo this past week.

It’s also great time to introduce yourself! Feel free to talk about anything Pogo related. We’d love to hear from you.

How much time do you spend on Pogo every week?

See you in the comments section!

This week in Pogo :

01/19 – January Monthly Player Survey
01/21 – Diamond Mix-n-Match Badges
01/22 – Monday Mix-n-Match Badges
01/22 – Winter Activities Badge Collection : Week Three
01/23 – StoryQuest: New Episode
01/23 – Bejeweled Stars: New Levels
01/24 – 25% Off in Select Games
01/24 – Wednesday Weekly Challenges
01/25 – Sweet Tooth Town: Krustallos Rock Candy Event

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Lisa says

I spend a couple hours each night on Pogo. It’s a great way for me to relax after a hard days work. Have a great weekend everyone!

MomOfThree says

The kiddos keep me busy, but I do squeeze in a little time in the mornings and during naps/late at nite.

Robin H. says

I’m on Pogo at least 10 hours a week, maybe a little more when there a bunch of time consuming events

AngelWings says

I cut back to around 8 hours a week and now just focus on stuff that rewards Pogis.

Hazel says

I spend a lot of time on Pogo! I have many friends on there, so it’s more of a social thing for me.

Lori M. says

It’s hard to say how much time I spend on there. My work has a lot of downtime, so I just switch tabs and play while waiting for the job task to complete.

Smokey91 says

Too much! I’m a badge collector, so I’m on almost every night.

Alex says

Not enough! I’m really far behind on a few games.

Rachael M. says

I never really timed it, but it’s quite a bit. I have a pretty high stress job, and playing these games helps keep me calm.

Lucy P. says

I’m online around 3 hours a night, mostly on Pogo trying to keep up with everything.

Mary says

Now that I am retired, I’m playing a lot more. I love to chat and meet new people.

ItsyBitsy says

First of all, I’m new here a friend recommended this site to me. I play on Pogo when I need a break from doing crafts, so only a few hours a day.

Dave says

Welcome to Pogo Fans!

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