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January Monthly Player Survey

Pogo Player Survey

Pogo is looking for your opinion in their new January Monthly Player Survey.

This month, Pogo is looking for your feedback on Snowbird Solitaire :

1) How frequently do you play the game?
2) How satisfied are you with the game?
3) Which mechanics in the game do you prefer?
4) Which mechanics do you dislike?
5) Which parts of the updates do you enjoy?
6) How would you rate the difficulty of the game?
7) Do you engage in Snowbird Solitaire challenges?

This month, we’d like to ask you :

What would it take for you to participate in more challenges? Let us know in the comments below!

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Lisa says

I would love to see Pogis offered as a reward

Hazel says

Pogis would be nice. Also maybe give us 10 days instead of 7 to complete the badge marathon.

CindyLee says

I agree 100% with this!!

MeToo41 says

More time to complete them and award us Pogis without increasing the constellation requirements

Carlie T. says

I’d like to see Pogis as a reward and make the Garden Blast and Bejeweled Stars challenges easier to complete.

bafflingbarnacles says

Sorry but I bashed the game. it’s awful. I don’t like having to back in and out to pick which level i wanted to do. That’s a terrible coding mechanic.
I would give Quinns the same score (which was less than 1) as well. having no level select is terrible.

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