Wednesday Challenges: December 27th – January 2nd, 2024

Pogo Weekly Challenges

Here are this weeks Wednesday challenges for December 27th, 2023 – January 2nd, 2024.

Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge
Peggle Blast HD
Pinata Ball Badge
Clear 50 green pegs this week!
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge
World Class Solitaire HD
Vintage Race Car Badge
Place 120 heart cards into the heart foundation stack this week!
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge
Pogo Slots
Golden Yarn Badge
Win 14000 coins this week!
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

Go here :

If you need any help with these games, please visit our Pogo Games page.

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Use the comments below to talk about or share any tips and tricks for earning these badges.

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Cathy says

thank you I will try and get them done

Lisa says

Thanks! Just make sure to max bet for the slots challenge to complete it quicker

Missy says

thank you I think peggle blast will take a while to complete

Tom says

No complaints here… any time GB is not on the list is a good week

SoreEyes2 says

Are we back to 2 challenges next week?

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