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Pogo Gems Sale – November, 2023

Pogo Gems Sale

Pogo is having a sale, where they are offering us nice discounts on Pogo gems!

This sale is valid through November 27th, 2023.

All Pogo Gems packs are loaded with extra bonus gems :

– 11 Gems for $.99 (reg. 10)
– 60 Gems for $4.99 (reg. 55)
– 130 Gems for $9.99 (reg. 120)
– 300 Gems for $19.99 (reg. 270)
– 700 Gems for $39.99 (reg. 600)
– 1,500 Gems for $79.99 (reg. 1,325)
– 2,600 Gems for $119.99 (reg. 2,250)

Did you take advantage of this sale? Let us know what you got in the comment below!

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Lisa says

Thanks, I’m going to pick up the 700 gem package later today!

Hazel says

Thank you I couldn’t pass up on this offer and spent more than I should have

SoreEyes2 says

Which gem package is the best deal?

Dave says

The best deal is the 2,600 gem package (4.6c per gem). I believe the most popular would be the 700 gem package, which works out to be 5.7c per gem.

Carie S. says

I purchased the 700 gems pack, because I feel it’s the best deal out of the bunch

Robin H. says

I really don’t want to spend $40 on gems, but that deal might be too good to pass up. Should I buy them now or wait and see what the Christmas sale looks like?

Dave says

I would buy now, as there were no gem sales during last years 25 days of pogo celebration.

Sophie says

Thanks Pogo, I was starting to get low!

Tom says

How long has it been since the last sale? I guess I should pick some up as I doubt they will be on sale again anytime soon.

Dave says

As far as I can tell, the last gem sale was on the 2022 Pogo Black Friday – Cyber Monday deals.

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