Free Gift: Pogo’s 24th Birthday Badge

Pogo's 24th Birthday Special Edition Badge

Pogo has awarded all Club Pogo members a free birthday badge as part of Pogo’s 24th Birthday celebration!

To get yours, head over to the Pogo Message Center page and open your gift from Pogo_Spike.

Quinn Joystick Gift Badge - Quinn's Aquarium
Quinn’s Aquarium
Quinn Joystick Gift Badge
Win 20 games in 3 weeks!
Pogo Pogis300 Pogis

If you need any help with this game, please visit our Quinn’s Aquarium game page.

Did you get your free birthday badge? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dizzy says

Thanks, I got my badge. I’m not crazy about the challenge though.

Lisa says

Thanks, I just picked up my badge!

Hazel says

Why do you ALWAYS give QUINN AQUARIUM…. I absolutely game EVERY…. How many mahjong games on one site….sheesh

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