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Pogo Weekend Roundup

Pogo Weekend Roundup

Welcome to the weekend roundup! This is where we look back at everything that has happened on Pogo this past week.

It’s also great time to introduce yourself! Feel free to talk about anything Pogo related. We’d love to hear from you.

See you in the comments section!

This week in Pogo :

01/12 – Mix-n-Match Badges: Back from the Vault Sale
01/15 – Winter Activities Badge Collection : Week Two
01/15 – Crystal Palace Spectacular Showcase Event
01/16 – StoryQuest: New Episode
01/16 – Cookie Connect: New Levels & Badges
01/16 – Claire Hart: Secret in the Shadows: New Episodes
01/17 – 25% Off in Select Games
01/17 – Wednesday Weekly Challenges
01/17 – Desert Creatures Badge Collection
01/18 – Free Gift: Mahjong Sanctuary Mix-n-Match Badge
01/18 – Mahjong Sanctuary: Crystal Sanctuary Event

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Lisa says

Is anyone else feeling like it’s talking too long to finish the challenges in the showcase event?

Oliva says

I’m struggling with a few of the challenges myself

Hazel says

If you are not concerned about the bonus badges, you can just take your time with these

LuckyMe says

I don’t care about the bonus badges either, so I’m not stressing over these challenges

Smokey91 says

Who loves Mahjong and feels like doing the event for me? I want the badge, just don’t want to do the work lol

Robin H. says

Are any new games coming out soon?

Dave says

No, not that we are aware of right now. I am expecting to see Clue in the near future though.

CindyLee says

No complaints this week. Other than the showcase and the mahjong event, I’m pretty much caught up on everything.

Carlie T. says

I missed out on the back from the vault sale due to being out of town. Is there any way to get those badges now?

Dave says

No, sorry there were only available until January 16th.

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