Pogo Weekend Roundup

Pogo Weekend Roundup

Welcome to our second weekend roundup! This is where we look back at everything that has happened on Pogo this past week.

It’s also great time to introduce yourself! Feel free to talk about anything Pogo related. We’d love to hear from you.

See you in the comments section!

This week in Pogo :

09/01 – Tiki Mugs Badge Collection – Week Five
09/01 – September 2023 Game of the Month: Monopoly Sudoku
09/01 – World Class Solitaire HD Global Travel Badge
09/01 – Free Gift: Pogo’s 24th Birthday Badge #4
09/04 – Monday Mix-n-Match Badges
09/04 – Myla and Lyla the Twins Constellation
09/05 – Pam’s Bake Off Challenge Quest
09/05 – Snowbird Solitaire: New Levels
09/06 – 25% Off in Select Games
09/06 – Wednesday Weekly Challenges
09/07 – Garden Blast: Edible Garden Event
09/08 – Pogo Slots: Bonus Daily Challenges : Day #4
09/08 – Cats in Hats Badge Collection – Week One
09/08 – Mix-n-Match Badges: Back from the Vault Sale

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Cathy says

i think i missed a daily for pogo slots, how can i check and see if i did?

Kim C says

You can’t, you’ll have to wait and see if you get the badge when the event is over. If not, contact Pogo and they may give it to you.

Lisa says

There is no way I’m going to try and complete 45 chapters in Claire Hart before Pam’s bake off challenge ends. My eyes will pop out long before then.

How do you guys do it?

Dave says

If you do 5 chapters per day it isn’t so bad.

Betty29 says

Anyone else upset that we never saw any real discounts during the Pogo anniversary/birthday event? Bring back the BOGO sales!

PogoAddict says

I would love to see one during one the xmas events, but I’m not holding my breath!

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