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Treasure Chase: Tea Garden – Week Three

Tea Garden Treasure Chase

Week three of the Tea Garden Treasure Chase has started! During this three-week event, you follow clues and uncover challenges hidden in various Pogo games.

You will earn a badge for every secret challenge you find and complete, and each badge forms part of a larger picture. When you fill in the whole picture, you’ll unlock a new animated reward badge and some helpful power-ups.

To get started and track your progress, just follow the link below :


If you need any help, be sure to check out our Treasure Chase event page. Note that you must click on the Tea Garden event page before attempting these challenges.

All challenges must be finished by 11:59pm on July 17, 2024.

What are your thoughts on this weeks treasure chase challenges? Have any tips to complete them? Let us know in a comment below!

Tea Garden Treasure Chase : Week One
Tea Garden Treasure Chase : Week Two
Tea Garden Treasure Chase : Week Three (Below)

This Week’s Clues

1) Good old gemology will help you out, but adding wins is what it’s all about. An academic mind will help you succeed. It’s a real jewel in your crown indeed.
2) This next clue requires a simple trick: Just look for clovers and pluck them quick! Keep your garden neat and clean, Prune those clovers if you’re keen.
3) If you want to avoid any trouble, you better start popping on the double. Aim for a score that’s big and bold. Popping balloons never gets old.
4) Cookies left alone dry and crumble Serve them up before bellies rumble. When customers come by, don’t leave them dry. Connect them with baked sweets all quick and spry.

Spoiler Alert!

Week Three Tea Garden Challenges

Jewel Academy Tea Garden 9 Badge
Jewel Academy
Tea Garden 9 Badge
Win 80 games before the event ends

Garden Blast Tea Garden 10 Badge
Garden Blast
Tea Garden 10 Badge
Remove 2000 clover blocks before the event ends

Poppit! HD Tea Garden 11 Badge
Poppit! HD
Tea Garden 11 Badge
Score 60,000 points before the event ends

Cookie Connect Tea Garden 12 Badge
Cookie Connect
Tea Garden 12 Badge
Serve 120 customers before the event ends

Tea Garden Reward Badge

Complete all 8 Tea Garden Treasure Chase challenges to win this badge

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Hazel says

Thanks for posting the spoilers!

Lisa says

Thanks! I’m not happy about the Garden Blast challenge, but I do appreciate the spoilers so I can start working on the challenges right away.

Bonnie says

Thanks for having the spoilers already for those of us who are up early and want to get going on the challenges.

MomOfThree says

These challenges are not great, but I expected worse,

Victoria M. says

Thanks for the spoilers!

Jennifer S. says

Thank you for the spoilers, and having links to the previous weeks challenges!

Michelle P. says

That’s a cute rewards badge

Samantha says

I’m off to a late start today, but thank you for posting the spoilers.

Trish R. says

I really hate that garden blast challenge!

Oliva says

I don’t mind these challenges, but I hope Pogo gives us a small break before releasing any more big events.

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