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Treasure Chase: Tea Garden – Week One

Tea Garden Treasure Chase

A new Tea Garden Treasure Chase has started! During this three-week event, you follow clues and uncover challenges hidden in various Pogo games.

You will earn a badge for every secret challenge you find and complete, and each badge forms part of a larger picture. When you fill in the whole picture, you’ll unlock a new animated reward badge and some helpful power-ups.

To get started and track your progress, just follow the link below :


If you need any help, be sure to check out our Treasure Chase event page. Note that you must click on the Tea Garden event page before attempting these challenges.

The next set of clues will be available on July 4. All challenges must be finished by 11:59pm on July 17, 2024.

What are your thoughts on the new treasure chase? Have any tips to complete the challenges? Let us know in a comment below!

Tea Garden Treasure Chase : Week One (below)
Tea Garden Treasure Chase : Week Two
Tea Garden Treasure Chase : Week Three

This Week’s Clues

1) Go to where sweets tempt the eyes. Your wins are the real prize. If you’re craving sweets, head to town. Victories will earn you a crown.
2) Meter is the measure of success. So match them fast and you’ll feel no stress. Animals gather to live in peace, and combos are best when they increase.
3) Chasing cards is all part of the story, But diamonds are your ticket to glory. Home is a place that’s full of heart, but diamonds are where you should start.
4) Tour the wilds and see what animals you find. Just remember to keep Pogo on your mind. Pairing animals is often the goal, but match your Pogos to put on a show.

Spoiler Alert!

Week One Tea Garden Challenges

Sweet Tooth Town
Win 50 games before the event ends
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

Mahjong Sanctuary
Fill the Combo Meter to X3 240 times before the event ends
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

Solitaire Home Story
Clear 300 diamond cards before the event ends
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

Mahjong Safari HD
Match 80 pairs of Pogo tiles before the event ends
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

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Lisa says

Thanks for posting the spoilers!

Hazel says

That solitaire challenge will not be well received

MomOfThree says

The solitaire challenge will be the most difficult one to complete. The sweet tooth challenge is the easiest, just play level 1 over and over.

Christie says

I appreciate the spoilers, as I hate trying to figure out what the challenges are.

Bonnie says

I was hoping not to see solitaire or sanctuary on this list and I got both LOL

LittleOne says

I’ve seen worse, so no real complaints here. I’ll wait and see what week two and three gives us before griping.

SweetPea says

Thank you for the spoilers. I’ll reserve my judgement on the challenges until after I’ve had a change to tackle them.

phyllis says

when does week 2 start

Dave says

Week two starts tomorrow, July 3rd

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