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Solitaire Blitz: Spooky Blitz Event

Pogo Solitaire Blitz

The new Spooky Blitz event for Solitaire Blitz has started on Pogo!

To start the event, load the game, click the play button and then click the special event icon. If you complete the event, you’ll win 2 new Pogo badges.

Spooky Blitz Badge - Solitaire Blitz
Spooky Blitz Badge
Collect all Drachmas in Spooky Blitz Event to earn this badge.

Spooky Blitz Prestige Badge - Solitaire Blitz
Spooky Blitz Prestige Badge
Complete all quests in Spooky Blitz Event to earn this badge.

If you need any help with this game, please visit our Solitaire Blitz game page.

The Spooky Blitz event ends on November 2nd.


Pogo_Sconnie had this to say about the event :
Those who were not awarded the badge for the Solitaire Blitz Spooky event should be awarded now. Thank you for your patience.

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Lisa says

This was a super easy event! Also, I was awarded the badge, so I can confirm the issues have been fixed.

Dave says

Thanks for letting us know!

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