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Snowbird Solitaire: New Levels – July 2024

Pogo Snowbird Solitaire

Pogo has added 25 levels to Snowbird Solitaire today, which includes new island decorations and a badge! The game now goes up to 1450 levels.

Note that you will not be able to see the new levels until you have completed all the previous content.

Snowbird Solitaire Level 1450 Badge
Snowbird Solitaire Level 1450 Badge
Earn this badge by completing level 1450 in Snowbird Solitaire

If you need any help with this game, visit our Snowbird Solitaire game page.

What do you think of the new levels in Snowbird Solitaire? Are you all caught in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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MomOfThree says

Thanks, I’m all caught up and ready to go.

Jenny A. says

I love snowbird solitaire and I hope they keep making new levels for it

Lisa says

Thanks for letting us know!

Misty says

I would’ve been all caught up in this game if it wasn’t for all the events Pogo has been trowing at us lately.

Hazel says

The Pogo celebration is going to make it difficult to complete these before the next set of levels are released in August

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