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Now Available: Grant’s Garden Slots

Grant's Garden Slots

Grant’s Garden Slots is now available for all Pogo players!

In this new slots update, you will be able to play three new bonus round mini games, collect daily rewards, participate in new challenges and earn new badges.

Some notable additions include 1,000 coins max bet, combo wins, and a magic bar. When this magic bar is filled, it will randomly activate one of the bonus mini games.

What do you think of the new Grant’s Garden slots game? Let us know in the comments below!

Play the game here : https://www.pogo.com/games/pogo-slots/play

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Lisa says

I love that we can bet more tokens on the slots machine. I haven’t seen all the mini games yet, but I’m not crazy about the balloon popping one.

MomOfThree says

I like the new addition! I see that Pogo set it up so that they can add new slot machines in the future.

Hazel says

I think I lost a bunch of power-ups in this new update. Is anyone else having this issue?

Dave says

You are not alone, others have seen this issue as well.

Christie says

I was under the impression that this new slots machine was going to replace the old Pogo Slots. I’m happy to see we get to choose which machine we want to play!

Beth S. says

Thank you for letting us know. I never saw any announcement on Pogo and only knew about it from reading it on this website.

Leslie says

It may just be my computer, but it seems to play slower than the original slots machine.

Cindy B. says

I like this new machine as we can bet more than 90 coins per spin. The mini games are fun, but I think they appear too often.

SweetPea says

I have mixed feeling about this one. It needs some tweaks, but overall they are on the right track.

Victoria M. says

As Cindy mentioned above, the mini games appear too often. I hope that get fixed soon.

Bonnie says

I like the new slots machine. It’s a nice change from the old one.

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