Quinn’s Aquarium: Bonus Daily Challenges

Pogo Quinn's Aquarium Bonus Daily Challenges

Pogo is offering Bonus Daily Challenges in Quinn’s Aquarium for Club members! If you complete the bonus challenge every day through May 20, you’ll earn a special edition badge.

If you need help with this game, please visit our Quinn’s Aquarium game page.

Daily Challenges

May 14 – Win 2 games
May 15 – Win 2 games
May 16 – Collect 8 flower tiles
May 17 – Collect 200 tiles
May 18 – Collect 200 tiles
May 19 – Collect 1 lock tile
May 20 – Collect 7 pairs of shell tiles

What do you think of the new bonus daily challenges? Let us know in a comment below!

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Lisa says

Thanks, I hope the challenges won’t be too difficult

Misty S. says

I wish these bonus challenges were for a different game!

Claire says

I’m not happy about the game, but I want the extra Pogis.

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