Pogo on Ice Spectacular Showcase

Pogo Spectacular Showcase

The Pogo on Ice Spectacular Showcase has started!

During this 3-week event, you’ll be able to take on 48 new challenges, earn up to 53 new badges and lots of Pogis.

As with previous Spectacular Showcase events on Pogo, the first 24 challenges can be unlocked instantly for free. Completing them all in time will earn you two reward badges.

You can earn three more reward badges by purchasing and completing the remaining 24 challenge before the time runs out.

This event ends on February 6th.

If you need any help with the games, please visit our Pogo games and Spectacular Showcase pages.

What do you think about this new Pogo on Ice Spectacular Showcase? Let us know in the comments below.


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Lisa says

Thanks! This will give us a nice boost in Pogis. I’m a little disappointed in the Garden Blast challenges though, so I’ll hold off on those until everything else is done.

Dave says

The Garden Blast challenges aren’t too bad this time around. I hope the free ones don’t take too long to complete, as I wouldn’t mind purchasing the rest of them.

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