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Pogo Gems Sale – June 2024

Pogo Gems Sale

Pogo is having a sale, where they are offering us nice discounts on Pogo gems! All Pogo Gems packs are loaded with extra bonus gems.

On top of extra gems, you will get a bonus badge that will be awarded shortly after this promotion ends, which is on June 17, 2024.

Here is the breakdown :

– 11 Gems for $.99 (reg. 10)
– 60 Gems for $4.99 (reg. 55)
– 130 Gems for $9.99 (reg. 120)
– 300 Gems for $19.99 (reg. 270)
– 700 Gems for $39.99 (reg. 600)
– 1,500 Gems for $79.99 (reg. 1,325)
– 2,600 Gems for $119.99 (reg. 2,250)

Did you take advantage of this sale? Let us know what you got in the comments below!

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Lisa says

Thanks, I picked up the 700 gem pack a few minutes ago!

DeeDee says

Obviously the more you buy, the better the discount. That 700 gems pack is probably the sweet spot.

Hazel says

Thank you, I’ll figure out how much I need later this week

Pookie says

I made the mistake and got the 300 pack last time. IMO, it’s worth forking out the $40 because of the extra gems and who knows when this sale will be back.

Crystal says

Thanks for letting us know!

MomOfThree says

I’m glad to see this sale is back! I wish they would’ve thrown in a few more bonus gems, but I’m going to buy them nonetheless.

Linda M. says

Thanks, I got the 700 gem pack

Bonnie says

I wish I could afford the 1,500 gem pack, but I’ll settle for the 700 one

SweetPea says

I really didn’t need any gems, but I picked up 300 more just because of the sale.

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