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March Monthly Player Survey

Pogo Survey

Pogo is looking for your opinion in their new March Monthly Player Survey.

This month, Pogo is interested in :

1) How satisfied are you with the variety of challenges and events?
2) If you don’t participate in any challenges or events, why not?
3) What would motivate you to participate in challenges?
4) How satisfied were you with the 25 Days of Pogo?
5) In future events, what do look forward to the most?

Also, you have the option to provide any additional comments regarding the Pogo.com website. You can fill out the survey here.

This month, we’d like to ask you the same question. What motivates you – or would motivate you to play challenges? Pogis, some Pogo Gems, or something else? Let us know in the comments below!

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Lisa says

Thanks for letting us know! I’d love to see gems offered as a reward for some of these events (especially for the more difficult ones like bejeweled stars).

Cathy says

They need to offer more than 300 Pogis on the limited edition badges. If not, lower the cost to 20 gems.

Tom says

It would be nice if Pogo offered us pogis and/or gems for the events. I’m glad they are asking for our opinion on this, and hope changes are made because of it.

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