Jewel Academy: New Levels – November 2022

Pogo Jewel Academy

Pogo has added 10 new levels and 12 new badges to Jewel Academy today!

This game now goes up to 650 levels, and has three new power-up badges, two new level badges, two new stars badges, two new gate badges, two new owls badges, and one shape badge.

Level 650 Badge - Jewel Academy
Level 650 Badge
Complete level 650

Level 640 Badge - Jewel Academy
Level 640 Badge
Complete level 640

Stars 630 Badge - Jewel Academy
Stars 630 Badge
Reach 3 stars in at least 630 levels

Stars 640 Badge - Jewel Academy
Stars 640 Badge
Reach 3 stars in at least 640 levels

Owls 730 Badge - Jewel Academy
Owls 730 Badge
Clear 730 owls

Owls 740 Badge - Jewel Academy
Owls 740 Badge
Clear 740 owls

Shapes 675 Badge - Jewel Academy
Shapes 675 Badge
Clear 675 shaping tiles

Power-Ups 8000 Badge - Jewel Academy
Power-Ups 8000 Badge
Create 8000 power-ups

Power-Ups 8500 Badge - Jewel Academy
Power-Ups 8500 Badge
Create 8000 power-ups

Power-Ups 9000 Badge - Jewel Academy
Power-Ups 9000 Badge
Create 9000 power-ups

34th Gate Badge - Jewel Academy
34th Gate Badge
Open Gate 34

35th Gate Badge - Jewel Academy
35th Gate Badge
Open Gate 35

If you need any help with this game, please visit our Jewel Academy game page.

What do you think of the new levels in Jewel Academy? Let us know in the comments below.

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Lisa says

The events for the game seem to be getting increasing more difficult, so that has been discouraging me from playing. I’ve been pushing this one aside for a while now.

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