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Jet Set Solitaire: Spring Park Limited-Time Tour

Pogo Jet Set Solitaire

A Spring Park limited-time tour has been added to Jet Set Solitaire for all Pogo players. This event ends on March 25 and if you complete it before then, you’ll earn two new badges.

To start the event, just click on the red “Main Menu” button and you’ll find it in the upper right corner of the screen.

UPDATE: This event is now live!

Spring Park Coach Badge - Jet Set Solitaire
Jet Set Solitaire
Spring Park Coach Badge
Complete all Spring Park attractions

Spring Park World Class Badge - Jet Set Solitaire
Jet Set Solitaire
Spring Park World Class Badge
Complete all Spring Park attractions with 3 stars

If you need any help with this game, please visit our Jet Set Solitaire game page and Joy’s Spring Park tutorial video!

Play the game here : https://www.pogo.com/games/jet-set-solitaire

What do you think of this new limited-time tour? Let us know in a comment below.

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Lisa says

Thanks, I love Jet Set Solitaire!

MomOfThree says

I wonder what is going on with Pogo? This is the second time an event did not start on time

Dave says

Not sure, but I’m surprised to see the event is still down.

Tracy M. says

Hopefully it won’t take too long to complete. I want the badges, but also need to work on finishing the constellation.

Cathy says

thank you for letting us know

Hazel says

I never had many issues with the last JSS event, so hopefully this one will go smoothly as well

ItsyBitsy says

Thanks, hopefully I’ll have time to finish this event

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