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Jet Set Solitaire

Jet Set Solitaire Pogo Game

Jet Set Solitaire is an online solitaire game on Pogo, where the goal is to discard all the cards in the level.

Travel the world, see the sights and play through hundreds of challenging online solitaire levels around the globe, collecting souvenirs and earning stars to unlock your next destination.

How to Play

In Jet Set Solitaire, select uncovered cards that are one level higher or lower than your Tour Card. You can use an Ace to clear a King or a 2, a King to clear an Ace or a Queen, and so on. When you clear a card from the level, it becomes your new Tour Card.

If your current Tour Card provides no options, you can pull a card from the draw pile.


There are a total of 4 power-ups you can use in this game:

Undo: Flashback to before your last move
First Class: Replaces your Tour Card with any card on the level that is face-up and uncovered
Jet Wash: Blasts away all uncovered cards on the board in the wake of a supersonic flyby
X-Ray: Flips all face-down cards, letting you plot your course knowing every card on the level


To get a higher score, try to create streaks. This happens when you discard lots of cards in a row.

Try to remove cards strategically. If you have multiple options, think ahead. One path might allow for a longer streak.

Some levels have objectives beyond just removing all the cards. Pay close attention so you don’t miss out on the goal.

Keep your eyes peeled for extra obstacles like turbulence cards that must be cleared before time runs out, passports that must be stamped, seat belts that must be unfastened and more.

When faced with a choice between discarding multiple cards with the same number, go for any that are covering other cards first. You might uncover the card you need to start or keep a streak going.

Always double check before drawing a new Tour Card. It’s very easy to miss a possible discard.

Sometimes it pays to leave a card that you could discard, especially if there’s a chance it might help you make a streak later.

If you have cards on the level that are locked behind a Gate or Passport, prioritize getting those out of the way as quickly as you can.

Some events in the game can’t be undone, so be extra sure about the moves you make.

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Play the game here : https://www.pogo.com/games/jet-set-solitaire


Jent says

Which levels have seat belts? (This week’s challenge 11/2023)

Dave says

The best place to find them on is :

First Trip > Kilimanjaro (12th location) – the airport level has 9 seatbelt cards.

Jent says

Thank you!

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