Trivial Pursuit Online

Trivial Pursuit Online Pogo Game

Trivial Pursuit Online is an online board game on Pogo, that will test your trivia knowledge in geography, entertainment, history, arts, literature, science, nature, sports and leisure.

How to Play

In Trivial Pursuit Online, you can play with up to 20 players. You’ll need to answer fast, as it will earn you more points to move you up the leaderboard.

You will have the choice between 2 multiplayer game modes. In “Complete the Pie” mode, your objective is to be the first to gain 6 category wedges that will randomly appear throughout the 18 questions in a round. In “Best of 18”, it’s all about the points. The player with the highest score will be the winner.

The “Daily 9” mode is a simple player mode, that will have you answering trivia questions based on one specific category a day. Get enough points to earn that categories wedge. Earn 6 category wedges from Monday to Saturday and unlock a Wildcard Sunday category. Complete the Wildcard Sunday Daily 9 will grant you access to the Trivial Pursuit Prize Wheel which will grant you extra rewards towards your cosmetic items.

If you would like to practice, you can play a single-player mode which will allow you to play the familiar “Complete the Pie” and “Best of 18” modes, but by yourself. You will be able to see the same questions presented in multiplayer, but will only earn rewards points towards your nameplate cosmetic.


Club Pogo members are able to customize their hosted game session.

Club Pogo members will also receive bonus rounds. They take place between multiplayer rounds to attain pogo related objectives.

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