Payday FreeCell HD

Payday FreeCell HD Pogo Game

Payday FreeCell HD is an online FreeCell solitaire game on Pogo, where the goal of every game is to move all the cards into the four foundation stacks.

How to Play

In Payday FreeCell HD, the object of the game is to move all the cards into the four foundation stacks, divided by suit. Foundation stacks always start with Aces on the bottom.

You can sort cards on the table and use your four free cells to temporarily hold any card you wish. Cards on the table can be stacked in alternating colors and descending order.

To win, sort all 52 cards into the four foundation stacks, starting with Aces.


There are a total of 2 power-ups you can use in this game:

Hint: Shows you the next card that can be moved
Undo: Reverts your last move


If your Aces and twos are buried deep by other cards of higher ranks, try to free them as soon as you can.

Create an empty column early, as you can place an entire sequence into these columns rather than a single card into a FreeCell.

Don’t forget to use the Undo button. You may not always make the best moves, and if that happens, rather than losing a game, you can just undo the move you made.

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Play the game here :

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