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Coming Soon: Grant’s Garden Slots

Pogo Slots Update

Pogo Slots is getting an update soon, which will include an all new Grant’s Garden slots machine!

In this new slots update, you will be able to pop balloons, navigate a barrel frenzy, hunt down pinatas full of boosters, make crazy combos and increase your wins with bonus round mini-games. In addition, there will be daily rewards, new challenges and badges to be earned.

Are you looking forward to this update in Pogo Slots? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: The new Grant’s Garden Slots is now available to play!

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Lisa says

I’m not a fan of GB, but this sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

MomOfThree says

I love slots, and this update sounds really good!

Hazel says

Oh, this sounds interesting! Any ideas when the update will be released?

LittleOne says

I love that more badges will be available. I wonder what the daily rewards will be? Just coins or something else?

Trish L. says

I love slots and thank you for sharing this!

Fran says

I was hoping Pogo would bring back some of the old slots, but we’ll see how this one plays out.

Jason says

I am going to bet, like garden blast this new slot game will need gems to progress or gems to play for an extended time.

Im suprised to see the comments on here, nobody likes Pogo Slots anymore? I’ll be sad to see it go and I don’t understand why we can’t have both slot games.

Dave says

I don’t think Pogo is getting rid of Pogo Slots. I believe they will give us the option on which slot machine to play.

Jason says

I hope you are right Dave and thank you for comment, I did not interpret it that way.

Peanutgmas says

I do not care for garden slots…..I tolerate pogo slots….and yes to get badges you end up using gems to continue playing

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