Coming Soon: Club Pogo 20th Anniversary

Club Pogo 20th Anniversary

The Club Pogo 20th Anniversary celebration starts on July 21st, 2023!

Pogo will be offering deals and rewards, from free badges to discounted favorites, daily challenges, and other prizes.

Also, they’ll continue the fun with Pogo’s 24th Birthday celebrations later in August, with more badges, Pogis, and gifts.

What are you most looking froward to in this anniversary celebration? Let us know in the comments below!

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Lisa says

Thanks! I’m looking forward to a nice sale on badges.

Dizzy says

Thank you, the free gifts are always nice.

Alan shoemaker says

Yes. Free badges and other treats are always good

Squid says

I’m a POGI gal myself! Gimme da pogis! Actually, I like it all, the challenges, the badges, maybe a good sale?, etc. Happy celebrating, e1.

Marina says

oooh, i’m excited ! =)

i haven’t been part of Club in years, so looking forward to this.
do like the pogis and deals….

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