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Claire Hart – Secret in the Shadows: Bonus Daily Challenges

Pogo Claire Hart : Secret in the Shadows Bonus Daily Challenges

Pogo is offering Bonus Daily Challenges in Claire Hart – Secret in the Shadows for Club members!

If you complete the bonus challenge every day, you’ll earn a Special Edition badge.

Do you need any help with this game? Please visit our Claire Hart: Secret in the Shadows game page.

This event ends on March 13th.

Daily Challenges

March 7th – Complete 3 chapters
March 8th – Find 3 Gold Keys
March 9th – Find 80 objects
March 10th – Find 20 objects while the X6 combo meter is active
March 11th – Score 20,000 points
March 12th : Find 3 Gold Keys
March 13th : Complete 3 chapters

What do you think of the new bonus daily challenges? Let us know in a comment below.

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Lisa says

Thanks for letting us know! It’s a pretty badge.

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