Bejeweled Stars: Tiki Garden Event

Pogo Bejeweled Stars

The Tiki Garden event has been added to Bejeweled Stars. If you complete this event before it ends on May 15, you will win the following two new badges for your collection.

Tiki Garden Badge - Bejeweled Stars
Bejeweled Stars
Tiki Garden Badge
Complete the limited-time Tiki Garden Event in Bejeweled Stars to earn this badge

Tiki Garden Prestige Badge - Bejeweled Stars
Bejeweled Stars
Tiki Garden Prestige Badge
Complete all the levels with 3 stars in the limited-time Tiki Garden event to earn this badge

If you are having issues getting 3 stars, look for matches in the first three rows first. Removing jewels from the bottom rows too early will cause the top rows to change, getting rid of any easy matches.

If you need further assistance with this game, visit our Bejeweled Stars game page.

Will you be participating in this event? Have any tips you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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Lisa says

Thanks, I usually get the first badge, but not the second. We’ll see how this week goes.

DeeDee says

This event wasn’t up at 12:30am, so I went to bed. I haven’t checked Pogo yet this morning, but I hope they got it all sorted out.

Bonnie says

I really don’t want to use power-ups on this event. If the rewards included Pogis, that would be a different story. I’ll probably end up only getting the first badge.

MomOfThree says

I was disappointed to see this event wasn’t live last night. I couldn’t sleep, and it would’ve been a good time to get a jump start on it.

Heather says

I love bejeweled stars, so I’m ready to go!

Lori M. says

I’m going to focus on finishing this weeks merit event before I even look at this

Dave says

The event just went live, good luck everyone!

Misty says

Thank you for letting us know

Cathy says

thank you it’s about time

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