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Badge Collection: Sand Castles

Sand Castles Badge Collection

The Sand Castles badges are now available. You can purchase this collection in Quinn’s Aquarium for 80 gems, which includes five mix-n-match badges worth a total of 1,900 Pogis.

These badges feature five different sand castles, and will be available until October 2, 2024.

If you need any help with this game, visit our Quinn’s Aquarium game page.

What do you think of this new badge collection? Do you have any tips on how to complete any of the challenges? Let us know in the comments below.

Sand Castles Badges

Quinn's Aquarium Domineering Sand Fortress Badge
Domineering Sand Fortress Badge
Collect 3000 tiles in 4 weeks!
Pogo Pogis500 Pogis

Quinn's Aquarium Grand Sand Castle Badge
Grand Sand Castle Badge
Collect 25 Season Tiles in 2 weeks!
Pogo Pogis300 Pogis

Quinn's Aquarium Inviting Sand Castle Badge
Inviting Sand Castle Badge
Collect 1000 tiles in 2 weeks!
Pogo Pogis300 Pogis

Quinn's Aquarium Majestic Sand Fortress Badge
Majestic Sand Fortress Badge
Win 20 games in 3 weeks!
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

Quinn's Aquarium Towering Sand Castle Badge
Towering Sand Castle Badge
Collect 50 Flower Tiles in 3 weeks!
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

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Lisa says

Not crazy about the game, but these are cute badges!

MomOfThree says

Thanks, but I can’t seem to purchase them yet.

Heather says

I wish these were for a different game, but I’m a buyer anyways because most of the challenges are fairly reasonable.

Hazel says

I’m off to get mine now, thanks!

Jessie F. says

Thanks for the info, I’ll pick them up later today.

Bonnie says

Pogo fixed it so you can now purchase this collection

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