Sweet Scoop Treasure Chase

Sweet Scoop Treasure Chase

A new treasure chase/scavenger hunt called Sweet Scoop has started on Pogo! During this three-week event, you follow clues and uncover challenges hidden in various Pogo games.

You will earn a badge for every secret challenge you find and complete, and each badge forms part of a larger picture. When you fill in the whole picture, you’ll unlock a new animated reward badge and some helpful power-ups.

To get started and track your progress, just follow the link below.


If you need any help, be sure to check out our Treasure Chase event page. Note that you must click on the Sweet Scoop event page before attempting these challenges.

The next set of clues will be available on February 28th. All challenges must be finished by 11:59pm on March 12th, 2024.

What are your thoughts on the new treasure chase? Have any tips to complete the challenges? Let us know in a comment below!

Sweet Scoop Treasure Chase – Week One (Below)
Sweet Scoop Treasure Chase – Week Two
Sweet Scoop Treasure Chase – Week Three

Spoiler Alert!

Week One Sweet Scoop Challenges

Ice Cream Dream 1 Badge
Poppit! Bingo
Ice Cream Dream 1 Badge
Daub 3000 numbers before the event ends
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

Ice Cream Dream 2 Badge
Solitaire Blitz
Ice Cream Dream 2 Badge
Correctly place 1200 cards before the event ends
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

Ice Cream Dream 3 Badge
Quinn’s Aquarium
Ice Cream Dream 3 Badge
Collect 100 pairs of season tiles before the event ends
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

Ice Cream Dream 4 Badge
Jungle Gin HD
Ice Cream Dream 4 Badge
Win 30 hands before the event ends
Pogo Pogis400 Pogis

Week One Sweet Scoop Clues

1) Listen for sounds of numbers and cheer. heed the calls to bring the treasure near. Find where the numbers float in the air. Pop them down whenever they appear.
2) When you’re lost on the jungle floor, the perfect cards can open the door. Explore a wild jungle land. Just try not to lose a hand.
3) Match yourself with some fishy friends. Keep an eye on seasonal trends. Behind the glass, many friends swim. Let the sasons change with a whim.
4) Mind the stormy seas and depths below. Place your cards where they’re meant to go. The life at sea all about the flow. Higher or lower, just let the cards go.

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20 Comments - 1 Tip

Marg says

The Treasure Hunt Challenge page is not loading on Pogo’s site. The link above is not working either.

Lisa says

Thanks, I hope it doesn’t forever to complete the challenges!

AngelWings says

Thank you, I always look forward to these events

Christie says

It’s frustrating that Pogo was having issues with this event at launch time. It would’ve been nice to get a challenge or two done before bed.

MomOfThree says

I’m frustrated as well. I waited for as long as I could last night for the treasure chase page to load and finally gave up.

Chic says

I believe Pogo is still having issues. So sad

Joyce H. says

Haven’t got time to sit and figure out the clues. I enjoy POGO but sometimes it is a bit too much. I have another life.

Dave says

Hi Joyce! You can find this weeks spoilers (challenges) in the post above.

Cindy P. says

I was going to stay up late, but after reading the comments I’m glad I didn’t.

Oliva says

Thanks, I’m looking forward to getting started on it!

Lucy C. says

Thanks for the posting spoilers! Like many, I also have no time to figure them out on my own.

Alex says

These challenges are not as bad as I was expecting them to be

Tracy M. says

Thanks for the spoilers, good luck all!

Jeannette says

When is next set of clues

Dave says

The next set of clues are on February 28th and March 6th.

Lisa says

Thanks for posting this weeks spoilers!

MomOfThree says

Thank you, I really didn’t want to figure out the challenges for myself

Heather P. says

Thanks for the spoilers! I’m glad I checked here first before starting.

Oliva says

Here is a tip for Jet Set Solitaire :

Go to First Trip > 12th location (Kilimanjaro). The airport level has 9 seatbelt cards available

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