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Snowbird Solitaire: Tropical Tikis Event

Pogo Snowbird Solitaire

Pogo has added the Tropical Tikis event in Snowbird Solitaire.

If you complete the event before it ends on June 5, you will earn the special badge shown below and 175 coins.

Tropical Tikis Badge
Snowbird Solitaire
Tropical Tikis Badge
Complete Tropical Tikis Event in Snowbird Solitaire to win this badge

If you need any help with this game, please visit our Snowbird Solitaire game page and Joy’s tropical tikis event video!

Are you participating in this new event? Let us know in the comments below.

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Lisa says

Thanks, I love snowbird solitaire!

DeeDee says

It’s nice to see this event come up again in the rotation

Hazel says

Finally, a winnable event! I should have this completed in no time at all.

SassyMe says

I’m not sure I’ll have time for this, especially with the showcase event going on right now

Linda M. says

Thank you, I’m already on level 4 and so far so good!

CrazyMel says

I’ll see how far along I am with everything else going on Pogo after the weekend before making a decision on this one

SweetPea says

It was fairly easy to complete this one compared to the other events. Good luck everyone!

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