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Pumpkin Festival Treasure Chase

Pumpkin Festival Treasure Chase

The Pumpkin Festival Treasure Chase has started on Pogo!

During this three-week event, you follow clues and uncover a dozen challenges hidden in some of your favorite Pogo games.

You will earn a badge for every secret challenge you find and complete, and each badge forms part of a larger picture. When you fill in the whole picture, you’ll unlock a new animated reward badge and some helpful power-ups.

To get started and track your progress, just follow the link below. If you need any help, be sure to check out our Treasure Chase event page.

All challenges must be finished by 11:59pm on November 13th, 2023.

Note: you must click on the Pumpkin Festival event page before attempting these challenges.


What do you think of the new treasure chase? Have any tips to complete the challenges? Let us know in a comment below.

Spoiler Alert!

Week #1 Challenges

Mahjong Sanctuary : Fill the Combo Meter to X3 240 times
Stack’em HD : Clear 1200 pink pigs
MONOPOLY Sudoku : Win 45 games
Cookie Connect : Win 60 games

Week #2 Challenges

Tri-Peaks Solitaire HD : Score 8000 points
Jet Set Solitaire : Get a 8-card streak or better 50 times
Pogo Daily Sudoku : Score 120,000 points
Solitaire Blitz : Win 40 games

Week #3 Challenges

Poppit! Party : Release 800 prizes
Garden Blast : Win a game with 5 or more moves left 15 times
Word Search Daily HD : Find 120 vertical words
Sweet Tooth Town : Create 180 Sugar Swirls

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Cathy says

thank you for posting the spoilers

Sophie says

I’m not a fan of the sudoku challenge, but the rest of them are fine

Lisa says

Thanks! These challenges will take a while to finish, but I’ll get them done.

Robin H. says

Oh, the spoilers are here too! Thank you.

Hazel says

Thank you, love the spoilers!

Tom says

The good news is that Garden Blast is not on the list yet

Cathy says

thank you for posting this weeks spoilers

Anna P. says

Thanks for letting us know what the challenges are!

Lisa says

Thanks, no garden blast this week, so that a bonus!

Sophie says

I appreciate you posting the spoilers for those of us who don’t have the time to figure them out.

Shirley Waller says

garden blast ruins the whole thing.

DK says

I agree with you Shirley Waller! Garden Blast ruins everything!

Lzzybeth2901 says


jo says

garden blast is a waste of time!!

Lzzybeth2901 says

Garden Blast to me is only there to try and force you to buy gems. I refuse to do that. You pay to be a member and it says free games. I realize it does not say anything about free power ups but they gonna keep on and lose more than they gain.

Shirley Waller says

We should have a choice in the games we play. I can’t win in Garden Blast after finishing all the other games. They should take that one off.

Carolyn Valentine says

When Garden Blast 1st came to Pogo it was a pleasure to play. No I avoid it at all cost. You can’t win!

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