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Monopoly Sudoku: Champion Mode

Pogo Monopoly Sudoku

Pogo has added a new Champion Mode to Monopoly Sudoku today!

To play the new champion mode, click on the green trophy icon on the left of your screen under the daily target box.

The new Champion mode is only playable if you have completed all the available cities.

What do you think of this new Champion Mode in Monopoly Sudoku? Share your thoughts, tips and strategies in the comments below!

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Cathy says

thank you for letting us know

Lisa says

Thanks! I’ll try the new champion mode out later today and see what it’s all about.

Dizzy says

Thank you. I’ve not progressed far enough yet to play the new mode.

Alerat1 says

I have not finished the old mode of Monopoly Sudoku. How do I get back to the old mode?

Dave says

It looks like there is a bug in the game, so you can’t go back to the old mode until Pogo updates it or until a new city is released.

Kelcey Hereau says

How do I get out of champion mode? Today has a challenge to earn money but i can only earn trophies

Dave says

Unfortunately there is no way to get out of champion mode until Pogo fixes the bug.

Kelcey says


Shelley19611 says

does anyone know when the next city will be released? I can’t earn anything more

Dave says

Unfortunately no, Pogo has not yet announced when it will be released. It shouldn’t be to much longer though, as people have been asking about it for months now.

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