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June Monthly Player Survey

Pogo Player Survey

Pogo is looking for your opinion on the Solitaire Home Story Easter Egg Season event in their new June Monthly Player Survey.

This month, Pogo is looking for your feedback on :

1) How frequently do you play Solitaire Home Story?
2) Did you participate in the Easter Egg Season event?
3) Did you find the event fun?
4) Do you feel that the rewards were valuable?
5) Did you have enough time to reach all the rewards?

In addition, they are asking you to rank various items, from most valuable to least valuable.

Did you fill out the survey? Let us know in the comments below!

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LittleOne says

I’ve not filled it out yet, but I will later today.

Lisa says

Yes, and I’m disappointed there wasn’t a place for us to leave our own comments on it.

DeeDee says

I did not have enough time to get all the rewards. Pogo has been keeping us busy with the other events, so I ran out of time.

MomOfThree says

I did fill it out, and like Lisa mentioned above, I also wish Pogo would of had a box to give out own input on the event

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