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Jeweled Hearts Badge Marathon

Pogo Badge Marathon

The Jeweled Hearts Badge Marathon has started on Pogo!

This marathon will take you through Word Search Daily HD, Pogo Bowl HD, Jewel Academy, Pogo Daily Sudoku, Claire Hart: Secret in the Shadows, and Boggle Bash 2.

During this badge marathon, you can complete the challenges in any order you like. In order to win the animated bonus badge, you need to finish all of the challenges before time runs out.

If you need any help with the games, please visit our Pogo games and badge marathon pages.

To get started on the Jeweled Hearts Badge Marathon and track your progress, just follow the link below.


All challenges must be finished by 11:59pm on February 12th.

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to complete these challenges? Let us know in a comment below.

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Lisa says

They sure didn’t give us a lot of time to finish this marathon. Don’t we usually get 2 weeks?

Dave says

No, as far as I can remember it’s always been 7 days.

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