Jewel Academy: New Levels – February 2024

Pogo Jewel Academy

Pogo has added 10 new levels and 10 new badges to Jewel Academy today!

This game now goes up to 700 levels.

UPDATE : The new levels and badges are now live!

Level 695 Badge - Jewel Academy
Level 695 Badge
Complete level 695

Level 700 Badge - Jewel Academy
Level 700 Badge
Complete level 700

Stars 695 Badge - Jewel Academy
Stars 695 Badge
Reach 3 stars in at least 695 levels

Stars 700 Badge - Jewel Academy
Stars 700 Badge
Reach 3 stars in at least 700 levels

Moves Left 350 Badge - Jewel Academy
Moves Left 350 Badge
Complete 350 levels with at least 5 moves left

Moves Left 400 Badge - Jewel Academy
Moves Left 400 Badge
Complete 400 levels with at least 5 moves left

Owls 775 Badge - Jewel Academy
Owls 775 Badge
Clear 775 owls

Owls 800 Badge - Jewel Academy
Owls 800 Badge
Clear 800 owls

Shapes 750 Badge - Jewel Academy
Shapes 750 Badge
Clear 750 shaping tiles

Shapes 775 Badge - Jewel Academy
Shapes 775 Badge
Clear 775 shaping tiles

If you need any help with this game, please visit our Jewel Academy game page.

What do you think of the new levels in Jewel Academy? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hazel says

Is anyone able to keep up with all the updates in this game?

Cathy says

i’m only on level 300 so i know how you feel

Christie says

Thanks, this will keep us busy for a while!

MomOfThree says

Thanks for letting us know what all the new badges are

Carol T. says

Thanks for the update! I was wondering why I didn’t see the new levels this morning.

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