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Thousand Island Solitaire HD

Thousand Island Solitaire HD Pogo Game

Thousand Island Solitaire HD is an online solitaire game on Pogo, that challenges you to navigate three ships across the sea, while scooping up treasure along the way.

This game is exclusive for Club Pogo members only.

How to Play

In Thousand Island Solitaire HD, your goal is to make each of the 3 ships travel a distance of 1,000 or more by playing cards on them.

You start with a deck of cards, a draw pile, and a free cell. You can play numbered distance cards on each pile by clicking or tapping on them.

Build three separate stacks of cards up to 1,000 points or more to win the game.


A lifesaver will neutralize any hazard card.

A ship that travels to exactly 1,000 scores better than a ship that has exceeded 1,000.

Use the canon to destroy the top card on the draw pile to expose the one underneath.

To capture a bonus chest, you must stack to the exact amount shown. If you go over, the chest is lost.

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Play the game here : https://www.pogo.com/games/thousand-island

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