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Pogo Mini-Golf

Mini Golf Pogo Game

Pogo Mini-Golf is an online golf game on Pogo, where you slice your way through a forest full of fun obstacles and take on challenging courses as you hone your hole-in-one skills.

How to Play

The aim of Pogo Mini-Golf is to hit you ball in to the hole in as few strokes as possible. To do so, click or tap the ball and drag backwards, then release. The further you pull back, the harder you hit the ball.

In this golf game, you will venture through wild woodland courses, each packed with six holes and plenty of tricky obstacles to overcome. Look out for sand traps, bridges, windmills and more.

Complete all three course objectives to win medals. The more medals you win, the more courses you unlock.


There are a total of 4 power-ups for you to choose from:

Blow on the Ball: Causes a gentle breeze that moves the ball towards the hole (Doesn’t count as a hit)
Odds of Success: Shows you the odds of your next hit reaching the hole
Move the Ball: Allows you to slightly adjust the ball position before your next hit
Undo: Fulfills your dream of having CTRL-Z on the golf course


There are a total of 4 power-ups for you to choose from:

Floating Ball: This colorful inflatable ball floats and rolls right over water
Off Road Ball: This ball has tire treads and rolls over sand with ease
Invincible Ball: This booster ball can buzz around anywhere without penalty
Auto Drive: This magnetic booster ball uses the power of science to roll directly to the hole without falling off bridges or ramps


If you are in jam, use one of the power-ups or boosters to help you out of it.

If you want to practice your swing, click or tap the “?” at the bottom of the screen and click or tap on the “Open Play” button.

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Play the game here : https://www.pogo.com/games/pogo-mini-golf

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