Lottso! Express HD

Lottso! Express HD Pogo Game

Lottso! Express HD is an online casino game on Pogo, where you match, scratch, and bingo your way to victory.

How to Play

In Lottso! Express HD, the goal is to make it through all five levels of score goals while scratching as many tickets as you can to increase your score.

Place Lottso! Balls in each 2×3 tray, filling them up to unlock scratchers.

Fill a whole 6-ball row, column, or diagonal line across your trays to get bonus points for making a bingo.

You will earn the Lottso card when you complete two vertically adjacent regular cards in the same round, a Super Lottso card when you complete three vertically adjacent regular cards in the same round and a Mega Lottso card when you complete the entire board in the same round.


The Undo button can be used as long as you haven’t refilled, earned extra balls, or scratched a scratcher.

If you have to pick between multiplying a Bronze or Gold card, multiply the Gold card since it’s usually worth more.

Put the STAR balls on lower numbered holes, since you’ll score 10 points for the STAR ball and only 1 point for a 1 ball.

You get 50 bonus points for using all the balls in the rack, so try to set things up to ensure you can use all the balls.

You may want to wait to click or tap the scratchers until you can do all of them at once, as the Mega Lottso could have a big payout.

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Play the game here : https://www.pogo.com/games/lottso-express

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