Jigsaw Treasure Hunter HD

Jigsaw Treasure Hunter HD Pogo Game

Jigsaw Treasure Hunter HD is an online jigsaw game on Pogo, where you join Chase Hunter and travel the world to solve hundreds of puzzles while collecting priceless treasures.

How to Play

In Jigsaw Treasure Hunter HD, there are two ways to play. In Adventure Mode, you travel to multiple destinations around the globe, solving puzzles to collect a new piece of treasure. In Unlocked Puzzles mode, you can replay any previous puzzle at whatever difficulty you like, from Easy to Master.

Also, there are Elite and Master difficulty levels. In these modes, not only are there more pieces to place, but you also have to rotate them correctly.

You can play at your own pace, or race to finish fast for an extra bonus.


Find the corner pieces and place them where they belong.

Assemble the rest of the border (all border pieces will have at least one straight edge).

Sort by color, and begin grouping pieces those pieces in a single section of the puzzle board.

Work on small sections at a time.

Utilize helpful tools like Hint, Piece Finder and Magnet to organize your pieces, find matches and the solve puzzle.

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Play the game here : https://www.pogo.com/games/jth

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