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Claire Hart Classic

Claire Hart Classic Pogo Game

Claire Hart classic is a online hidden object game on Pogo, where you join clairvoyant Claire Hart as she unravels mysteries with the help of Detective Troy Harris, her niece Harper, and dozens of other colorful characters.

Claire can sense the memories and feelings people leave behind on the objects they touch and cherish. Claire’s got a knack for helping restless spirits and uncovering evidence no one else can find.

Search for hidden objects and clues in beautiful mansions, gardens, shops, streets, and restaurants all around the world. Along the way, you’ll talk to plenty of friendly and not-so-friendly characters as you solve each case.

How to Play

In each scene in Claire Hart classic, you have to find a dozen or more hidden objects. Simply click or tap on the missing objects when you find them.

Also, you can replay episodes, getting entirely different sets of objects to find each time.


There are a total of 4 power-ups you can use in this game:

Time Warp: This will give you more time for combos
Clairvoyance: This will give you extra objects to find
Focus: This helps you focus on an area to look for
Psychic: This reveals where a selected object is hidden


Try to find objects quickly and accurately to get combo bonuses and to boost your score.

A great way to improve your score and star rating is to find the objects, but wait to click or tap on them until you know where several objects are located. This allows you to get combos, which increases your score and star rating.

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Play the game here : https://www.pogo.com/games/claire-hart-classic

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