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Anagrams Pogo Game

Anagrams is an online word game on Pogo, where you create as many words as you can from the provided letters. There are multiple levels to play through, each with different goals to achieve. You don’t have to spell every word possible, but just enough to fill the board and complete the level. Not all correct words will be accepted as an answer.

How to Play

In Anagrams, there are a total of 3 modes to select from: Challenge Mode, Timed Challenge, and Game Mode.

The standard mode of the game is called “Game Mode”. This play style is for users who want to play at a more leisurely place. Players are given a word at the bottom of the screen and will see a board full of empty spaces. You need to make new words from the guide word. You will see open spaces for the number of letters of words that will count toward your score. Just fill out the sections to complete the level.

If you can’t think of any more words to create, you can always use a power up or move on to the next level.

Club Pogo members have exclusive access to “Challenge Mode” and “Timed Challenge”. In Challenge Mode, you’ll need to work through a series of progressively harder levels. Timed Challenge adds an additional layer of difficulty by having a time limit on each level.


There are a total of 4 power-ups to choose from:

First and Last Letter: This reveals the first and last letter of one word on the board
Random Fill: This fills random letters within one word on the board
Full Word: This will reveal one full word on the board
Freeze Time: This will freeze the timer to allow you more time to complete the level (Timed Challenge only)


For Club Pogo challenges that challenges that require you spell # of 6 letter words, play on:
Challenge Mode > Boarding Challenge > Level 39 as it contains seven 6 letter words.

You can find even more tips on our Anagrams Tips page.

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Play the game here : https://www.pogo.com/games/anagrams


Caroljean S. says

Why are you retiring some of my favorite games like Anagrams, Word Whomp, Crossword Puzzles, Quinn’s Aquarium, Solitaire Home Story and others??? Looks as though you’ll be losing me as a member is you discontinue all my favorites and some of my husband’s favorites!

Dave says

Pogo is not retiring those games. Where did you hear that?

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