Coming Soon: Bingo Jam Event

Pogo Bingo Jam Event

The Bingo Jam event starts on April 17, where you can take on new challenges which gives you a chance to earn up to 7 unique badges and a ton of Pogis.

Players can also work towards the Community Reward Badge by meeting the community goal.

Will you be participating in this new event? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cathy says

sounds interesting I will try it out

Lisa says

I really like the community goal idea!

Heather T. says

Finally something new! I really hope everything goes smoothly and this turns out to be a fun event.

MomOfThree says

Do we know if it’s just bingo challenges or various games?

Dave says

The challenges will be for various games.

Lexi says

Please no Garden Blast challenges! Or at least ones that require you to win games…

Hanna says

Love the community goal! I just hope we are able to reach it lol

ardeahem says

Pogo’s last community goal challenge was over 6 years ago, I wonder why the wait? And why they are bringing it back now?

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