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Club Pogo’s 21st Anniversary: Bonus Daily Challenges – Week Three

Club Pogo's 21st Anniversary Bonus Daily Challenges

Pogo is offering another week of Bonus Daily Challenges through July 16 as part of Club Pogo’s 21st Anniversary celebration!

You will earn 100 Pogis for each daily challenge you complete every day. If you finish 18 of 21 daily challenges, you will earn a bonus 1,000 Pogis.

If you need any help with the games, visit ourĀ Pogo Games page.

These bonus daily challenges ends on July 16, 2024.

What do you think of the new bonus daily challenges? Let us know in a comment below!

Daily Challenges

July 10
Canasta HD : Collect 2 red threes
Mahjong Sanctuary : Make 200 matches
Bookworm HD : Spell 59 3-letter words

July 11
StoryQuest : Find 48 objects
MONOPOLY Sudoku : Score 800 points
Poppit! HD : Release all the prizes 3 times

July 12
Jungle Gin HD : Score 60 points
Cookie Connect : Serve 12 customers
Thousand Island Solitaire HD : Play 10 distance cards

July 13
Bejeweled Stars : Match 350 Gems
Solitaire Blitz : Clear 20 card stacks
Poppit! Bingo : Earn 25 tickets from Daubs & Bingos

July 14
Pogo Sudoku : Score 800 points
Snowbird Solitaire : Win 5 games
First Class Solitaire HD : Score 500 points

July 15
Pogo Slots : Win 2400 coins
Tumble Bees HD : Win 2 games
Sweet Tooth Town : Create 10 Sugar Swirls

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MomOfThree says

That mahjong challenge seems a bit excessive for a daily

Hazel says

These are not too bad. I hope Pogo goes easy on us this week.

Jennifer S. says

Thanks for letting us know, I’ve been enjoying the extra Pogis every week

DeeDee says

These have been fun, but it does add a lot of extra work each day. I want those extra 1,000 Pogis, so I’ll try and get through them.

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