Pogo Acronyms

Pogo Acronyms

Here is a list of the most common Pogo game and chat acronyms.

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Pogo Game Acronyms

BFV: Back from the vault
HOG: Hidden object game
LE: Limited edition
MnM / MNM / M&M: Mix-n-Match
PBA: Premium badge album
SE: Special edition

Chat Acronyms

AFK: Away from keyboard
ATM: At the moment
BLNT: Better luck next time
BRB: Be right back / Bathroom break
BTW: By the way
CUL: See you later
E1: Everyone
G2CU: Good to see you
GA: Good afternoon
GB: Goodbye / God bless
GG: Good game
GJ: Good job
GL: Good luck
GL2U: Good luck to you
GL2U2: Good luck to you too
GLEV1: Good luck everyone
GTG: Got to go
HAGD: Have a good / great day
HAGN: Have a good night
HB: Hurry back
HRU: How are you
IDK: I don’t know
IMO: In my opinion
LOL: Laughing out loud
N1: Nice one
NH: Nice hand
NJ: Nice job
NP: No problem
PLS / PLZ: Please
PPL: People
ROFLMAO: Rolling on floor laughing my a** off
SS: So sorry
SVS: So very sorry
TC: Take care
TCMF: Take care my friend
TTYL: Talk to you later
TY / THX / TU: Thank you / Thanks
TYA: Thank you all
TYVM / TUVM: Thank you very much
WB: Welcome back
WTG: Way to go
YW: You’re welcome

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